Cavity Wall Nesting Box
3 House Sparrow eggs
Cavity Nest Installation

Introducing Cavity Nest

Cavity Wall Nesting Boxes provide the ideal nesting and roosting solution for many of our UK and visiting small to medium cavity nesting birds.

House sparrow numbers were not monitored adequately before the mid-1970s. Since then, numbers in rural England have nearly halved while numbers in towns and cities have declined by 60 per cent. Because of these large population declines, the house sparrow is now red-listed as a species of high conservation concern.

Blue Tits, House Sparrows and other types of Secondary Cavity Nesting birds will line their nests with lichen, moss, dry grass, feathers twigs and fur, making a nest within a chamber or cavity.


The British Made Cavity Nest

Cavity Nest Installation - New Property

Specifying from the start

Specifying our Cavity Wall Nesting Boxes from the start (to be installed into the elevation or gable end walls during the build) will help to establish quick, safe and efficient homes for our cavity nesting bird population.

Cavity Wall Nesting Box - Dimensions

Our eco-friendly design

Our nesting boxes are extruded from recycled polymer-based products with a seamless eco-friendly design. Manufactured in Britain and built with integrity and insulation at its core.

Cavity Nest Installation - Gable End

One size fits all

The Cavity Wall Nesting Box will fit almost any cavity wall arrangement (typically 100mm), however, with small adjustments to the building brick / block or render, all situations can be accommodated.

How can YOU Help?

We’d love to see a NHBC accepted ‘Cavity Nest’ installed in every new UK home as standard.  Our test boxes have achieved an adoption rate of over 90% with reported birds such as Robins, Blue Tits, Sparrows and Tree Creepers nesting within.  But we need your help to spread the word and help provide a home for nesting birds in the UK.
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